Sophomore focuses on saving

Bondurant-Farrar High School sophomore Quinn Hanson-Pollock is a busy guy. He’s on the basketball and baseball teams and runs track and cross country. He also participates in speech and serves on the student council.

Manage time and money

To successfully participate in these many activities while also taking care of business in the classroom, Quinn has learned to carefully manage his time and priorities. It’s a skill that has also helped him when it comes to saving money—something he’s in the habit of doing.
“I started saving about four years ago because I wanted to buy a Wii, a home video game system,” Quinn says. “I had to mow a lot of lawns to earn the money because it cost about $250.”

Shoot for a goal

The challenge, he says, was to remind himself that he was shooting for a big goal. “It meant I had to ignore all of the things I just sort of wanted,” he explains. “But it sure felt great when I was able to buy it myself.”
Quinn credits his parents for his ability to manage his money. “They taught me to always ask myself, ‘Do I really need this?’ before buying something. That has saved me money because I don’t buy very many things.”

Looking ahead to college

While Quinn doesn’t have a job during the school year, he’s looking forward to summer when he’ll have time to earn money. He’ll use some of it to buy gas for his car, but most will go to his savings account. “I don’t see many things that I’ll want to spend it on, but it’s good to have a savings account in case something bad happens, like my car breaking down or something,” he says. “Mostly though, I’m saving for college.”

As far as his college plans, Quinn says he would someday like a career in sports broadcasting or sports statistics.