Connor Hage—Hooked on saving!

Eleven-year-old Connor Hage likes to fish and play basketball. And, he likes to save money. The sixth grader at Carlisle Middle School recently opened his own savings account at a local bank. He usually deposits 75% of what he earns doing jobs around the house. He’s also figured out some good ways to make money and save more cash.

“I’m a big fan of money,” he says. ““It’s not always easy putting my money in the bank—not spending it when I get it. But I can buy what I really want later, and that’s fun.”


Connor got introduced to saving about two years ago. He wanted to buy a new toy, but didn’t have any money. To him that didn’t seem like it should be a problem. After all, he’d seen his mom get money—she just put a card in an ATM machine, and it would spit dollar bills out.

“But then my mom told me, ‘You can’t take money out unless you put some in first,’” Connor explains. “So she gave me a piggy bank that looks like an ATM machine, and I started putting my money in it.”
Connor soon decided that he wanted to find ways to earn more money so he could build up his savings and really cash in. He worked for enough to buy stuff he really, really wanted—like a new fishing rod.

“I had a bunch of toys and clothes that I didn’t use anymore. So I dug that stuff out, put prices on it, and had a rummage sale,” Connor says. “The big thing I sold was a telescope. I negotiated with the buyer and sold it for $15. My mom couldn’t believe I got that much.”

Last fall, Connor saved enough money on his school supplies so that he could buy a pair of the latest Reebok Zig Tech athletic shoes. “Instead of buying all new supplies, I went through my old stuff and found lots of things I could reuse,” he says. “You don’t have to have new of everything!”

Connor has this advice for others who want money to spend:
1) “Save first. I put 75% into savings first; the rest I use for what I need to buy.
2) “Before deciding to buy anything, ask yourself, ‘What do I really, really need?’ and ‘What is it I just want?’ and then make a decision.
3) “Look for coupons and sales—you can save money by clipping coupons and looking for the best deals.”