On-line Savings Tips

A few minutes on-line looking for discounts and coupons can generate huge savings.

A good place to start is with a general search engine like Google or Yahoo. A general search will often uncover bargains. Let’s say you’re looking for a new Toro lawnmower. Search for “Toro Lawnmower”, “Toro discounts”, “Toro Deals,” etc. If you find a “deal” print it off in case you can use it at a physical store that matches prices.

Next, visit stores online. Retailers often promote on-line deals or coupons. Many retailers have newsletters that offer weekly deals.

Companies are also using Twitter accounts to offer up-to-the minute deals. Walmart tweets daily specials. Some large grocery stores are doing the same. Before heading to tweeting retailers, check your computer.

Online coupon sites like G
roupon, Retailmenot, CouponCabin and SaveBrite.com, feature special deals, too.

When looking for online deals, remember to search for item coupon codes that offer discounts or free shipping. If you can’t arrange free shipping to your home, inquire about whether the item purchased on-line (at savings, of course) can be shipped free to your local retailer where you can pick it up.